Our iCred solution provides a central source of truth to manage insurance portal logins and passwords while giving the end user a one-click icon to login. Office staff never has to remember login's and password's again.

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iCred simplifies the process

Eliminate having to use antiquated methods like Excel Spreadsheets and paper notes to keep track of dozens of insurance login id's and passwords. iCred solves this problem and gives end users a one click login method.

Feature 1

Easily Assign Insurance Companies

Enjoy corporate or location based insurance carrier management and assignment. You control what insurance companies are available for each office.

Feature 2

Assign User's to Locations

Enjoy being able to control what user is accessing which insurance company. When an employee leaves, simply click the ree "X" to delete the user id.

Feature 3

Easily Create or Remove Users

Controlling user access information for insurance login has never been easier. Information is controlled centrally by administrative personnel in a HIPAA Compliant environment.

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