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This is Dentistry on Purpose.

Dentistry, like all healthcare, has trailed behind in systems for efficient process changes. The most significant challenge facing the dental industry is not advances in technology or procedures, it was the process and how a practice was run. I saw the need for reporting on information that could make a difference – something innovative. One of the opportunities we identified early on was to create a solution to provide information that can make an immediate impact to a practice.

Over the past 10 years, Practice Management Systems (like Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental) have evolved into data warehouses. While these systems have evolved, the potential to provide meaningful information is enormous, the available reports in these systems fall short of leveraging and truly maximizing the power that is within their system.

For some providers, meeting the oral care needs for the underserved patient  is a labor of love and compassion without the financial reward that sometimes come with a busy growing practice. Our innovative approach provides meaningful solutions that help free up staff to do what really makes an impact to your practices – patient engagement. WOW – it’s like getting more done without hiring new personnel!

Through establishing models of efficiency and improving the delivery of products and services to clients at all levels, you can see serious impact to earnings, staff, and patients.

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Patrick Jarvis